UBC Manufacturing Engineering program


Director, UBC Manufacturing Engineering programWelcome to the new Manufacturing Engineering program at UBC! I am very excited to launch our newest multidisciplinary program which is the first program at UBC to be co-developed and co-launched in parallel across our two campuses. Working alongside the Associate Directors at our Kelowna and Vancouver campuses, we are committed to helping students develop a strong foundation in core engineering disciplines underpinning manufacturing in the 21st first century, coupled with a strong emphasis on engineering design and team-based learning.

I am very excited about the new manufacturing program and its future. As you will discover from looking around our website, there are great opportunities for the future of advanced manufacturing in Canada and around the world. We are looking for students and faculty interested in being part of this exciting future as part of the UBC advanced Manufacturing Engineering team.


Warren Poole
Director, Manufacturing Engineering



Students in the Manufacturing program will gain broad exposure to foundational engineering disciplines, and training across a range of major manufacturing processes and platforms, and instruction in production management and modern manufacturing practices, including newly emerging practices in digital modeling, virtual machining, additive manufacturing and composites.

With an emphasis on project based team learning, students will explore how robotics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems are transforming the manufacturing industry. The program combines both traditional and hands-on learning to give you practical and analytical skills needed to become a successful engineer. Through the program students will learn to:

  • Design, operate, and optimize advanced manufacturing environments
  • Develop digital models for manufacturing processes
  • Design and control manufacturing machinery
  • Manage the manufacturing environment


The manufacturing sector is one of the biggest drivers of the Canadian economy, and it is changing rapidly, becoming more complex and is employing evolving high-tech solutions. To compete on a global scale, Canadian industry needs engineers who are trained and prepared to meet these demands of this face paced, dynamic and growing sector.


As all other engineering undergraduate programs at UBC students will apply into the common undergraduate engineering first year, and then specialize in Manufacturing Engineering starting in their second year. The first intake of 2nd year students at both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will begin in September 2019.


The Manufacturing program is designed to be completed in 8 academic semesters with optional 16 months of Co-op work placement.

In addition to the common first year Engineering courses, students in the Manufacturing program will take courses in Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Computer Engineering as well as specifically designed Manufacturing Engineering courses including Manufacturing Processes, Production Systems Management, and Industrial Automation. Each year the program features a design course which will prepare students for a final Capstone design project in year 4.

UBC Manufacturing Engineering program - 2nd year curriculum UBC Manufacturing Engineering program - 3rd year curriculum UBC Manufacturing Engineering program - 4th year curriculum

Students must also complete 6 credits in Complementary Studies* and 9 Credits in Technical Electives**.

* Students should confer with their academic advisor to determine eligible Complementary Studies courses.

** Students should confer with their academic advisor and consult the MANU program webpage for a list of acceptable Technical Electives.


The Manufacturing program on the Vancouver campus will run in parallel, and in collaboration with a Okanagan campus program. This open up opportunities for students to direct their studies to either technical aspects of production at the Vancouver campus or Production Management at the Okanagan campus in their final year.


Manufacturing engineers may be employed in industrial and government research facilities, government and regulatory agencies, as well as industry in areas of rubber, plastics and chemical manufacturing, manufactured mineral products, computer and electronics manufacturing, transportation manufacturing. Manufacturing engineers may also be employed as consultants in professional business services and educational services.


For the Vancouver Manufacturing program or courses in the program please contact Warren Poole.

For the Okanagan Manufacturing program, visit the School of Engineering – Manufacturing Engineering.

For how to apply to UBC Engineering please see our admissions page.