Prospective Careers

Industry and jobs for manufacturing engineers

Given their ability to develop products, plan processes and optimize production environments, there are many excellent opportunities for manufacturing engineers across a variety of industries:

  • Transportation, aerospace, automotive and rail.
  • Computer and electronics manufacturing.
  • Production of components for clean energy and biomedical applications.
  • Industrial and government research facilities.
  • Government and regulatory agencies.
  • Consultants in professional business services and educational services.

Specific occupational opportunities include work as a Control and Implementation Specialist, Systems Analysis Engineer and Quality Control Specialist, among many others.

Job market

Manufacturing engineering is undergoing a dramatic shift as a result of changes in technology, big data, and analytics. Consequently, the needs of today’s manufacturing industry are not the same as they were in the past. Our province is the 3rd highest manufacturing employment centre in Canada (BC hires more than Alberta and roughly three times the number of people SK and Manitoba in this area). That said, our hiring numbers are lower than Ontario and Quebec, however these provinces have long benefited from a strong pool of talent, large number of local companies and proximity to the United States. Stats Canada data indicates there are 178,300 jobs in BC in the manufacturing industry. This represents a 2.2% growth from December 2017 to January 2018 and an overall 4.6% growth from January 2017.

For BC to continue to build on the strong foundation of the manufacturing sector and expand to meet the projected future needs of “Advanced Manufacturing,” we need to create a local talent pool to meet the demands of current and future industries. UBC’s new manufacturing engineering program is focused on preparing students to be that future.