Student Wellness

Life as a student can be challenging at times, whether you are studying abroad far from your family and friends, getting used to the workload of an undergraduate or graduate programme, or attempting to balance your personal and academic lives. While there may be challenges throughout your programme, UBC staff and resources are available and willing to assist.

In addition to our staff members in Student Services, who are always glad to address any queries or worries from students, UBC offers a wealth of health & wellness services at its disposal. UBC Student Wellness Centre helps students attain a healthy mind, body, and spirit are foundations to achieve their personal and academic goals. Each month, a lot of faculty, staff, and students use these resources, therefore we strongly advise you to look into them as needed.

We have a broad group of international students who come to UBC with a range of educational experiences. No matter where you are from, we encourage all students to express their worries and speak up when necessary. There are no penalties for asking a question or contacting staff about a concern you might have; in fact, doing so is encouraged and praised since it fosters innovation, collaboration, and a closer bond between members of our department. Please do not be hesitant to speak with your supervisor, the MANU staff, or your fellow students for guidance and support as needed. At MANU, we value diversity and all ideas.




APSC Counsellor

Gordon Lai, the APSC counsellor, is a graduate of UBC and has prior experience working at other post-secondary schools to serve students in need of counselling. He is eager to help our pupils succeed both academically and personally. Gordon offers specialized help to engineering students and strives to deliver wellness programmes within the faculty as well as direct one-on-one support for students. 

If you are experiencing chronic stress, anxiety, sadness, or feelings of being overwhelmed, call the counselling services at 604-822-3811 and mention that you are an APSC student to schedule an appointment with Gordon.