Faculty Directory

Dr. Warren Poole

Professor and Director of Manufacturing Engineering Program


Research Interests:  Advanced aluminum alloys, high strengths, high formable steel. metal matrix composites, microstructure/property models

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Dr. Ryozo Nagamune

Professor and Associate Director of Manufacturing Engineering Program


Research Interests: Control engineering, Control theory and applications including control in manufacturing engineering.

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Dr. Adam Clare



Research Interests: electrical discharge machining, electron beam melting, laser processing of materials, process monitoring and control, joining technologies, electrolyte jet machining, and additive manufacturing techniques

Dr. Ben Britton

Associate Professor


Research Interests: Materials characterization & microstructure, metallurgy, electron diffraction & microscopy, deformation, microstructure/property models, manufacturing

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Dr. Casey Keulen

Assistant Professor of Teaching


Research Interests: Polymer matrix composite materials,  Educational Leadership Interests: Multi-campus course instruction, continuing professional development

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Dr. Christoph Sielmann

Assistant Professor of Teaching


Research Interests: Instrumentation, Nanofabrication technology, MEMS, Clean energy, General artificial intelligence

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Dr. Yasmine Abdin

Assistant Professor


Research Interest: Polymer Matrix Composite Materials, Composites Design and Manufacturing, Optimization, In-Service Performance behaviour, Damage, Durability, Structural Reliability, Multi-Scale Modelling, Characterization Methods, Finite Element Analysis, Machine Learning, and Industry 4.0. 

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Dr. Kefei Wen

Assistant Professor


Research Interest: design, kinematics, dynamics, and control of rigid and continuum robotic manipulators for industrial applications

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